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Outdoor Fountains Guys boost of the best custom fountain designers and consultants in the industry. Our employees can help you develop the ultimate backyard with unique fountains that will give you enjoyment for many years coming. Our team will also help you search the perfect fountain to add to existing structures in your property or simply create dramatic effects and look on their own. Our experts will help in the design phase, installation and construction and fountain remodeling. Call us today on 800-540-4530 and book for a consultation.


Benefits of fountains

There are so many benefits of adding a fountain to your home and garden especially the fountains from Outdoor Fountains Guys. Fountains add beauty and tranquility to your home and the flowing water makes a soothing sound that relaxes your guests and family. Having several fountains on your property increases the value of your property. Add the aesthetic element in your backyard that you will enjoy for long. Contact Outdoor Fountains Guys on 800-540-4530 and enquire about the types of fountains you can find in our stores.


Advantages of outdoor fountains

Many people pay a lot of money to create a beautiful water feature on their property because they have the following advantages :

Outdoor Fountains Guys is here to cater for your fountain needs, contact us on 800-540-4530 today and learn more about us.

Outdoor Fountains

An outdoor fountain will cycle the water in the pond or lake if you have any on your property, and thus prevent stagnant water from becoming an issue and preventing microorganisms from growing and festering which can potentially harm someone, as well as attract many unwanted insects and other animals.

Also, owning a pond or lake harbors dangerous insects like wasps, bees and yellow jackets. But with fountains, you have fewer insects because the water is constantly churning making it difficult for life to grow in the water.

Another merit is for home owners with large backyards and who have built a small pond or lake to serve as a focal point. The lake can add easy value to the overall worth of the home, but adding an outdoor fountain to the lake increases the value in that the home owner will not have to tend to it by adding more chemicals than absolutely needed.

Again, a lake or pond could be a great relaxation spot on a hard day, although an added outdoor fountain opens it up for more possibilies.With the outdoor water fountain you can add lights to the pond or lake and even music. In addition, the sound of the running water will bring with it many soothing nights sitting by the side of the lake or pond.

outdoor fountains also serve as drinking sources for pets and birds. Pets like running water and the fountain can be a favorite for the pets and the same time add beauty to your home. Considered you are not using harmful chemicals in the water it is completely safe for drinking and pests can take advantage of the running water to satisfy their thirst. When you want to remove algae we recommend you use Enzyme Fountain Protector because it is non-toxic, all natural enzymes and bacteria free.

Outdoor Fountains Guys is here to cater for your fountain needs, contact us on 800-540-4530 today and learn more about us.

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